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Declasse Rhapsody

The Declasse Rhapsody is a two-door hatchback, first appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned.

The sides and rear resembles an AMC Pacer manufactured in the 1970s, while the front seems to resemble an Isuzu Gemini/Buick Opel rather than a Chevrolet Chevette (as it being manufactured by Declasse might imply). It can fairly regularly be found in Alderney and Bohan, and handles rather similarly (while a bit slower) to the Blista Compact, which it could be mistaken for from a distance.

The Rhapsody also has references the movie Wayne's World; a photograph can be seen depicting two people resembling Wayne and Garth, the two main characters of the movie. Further, a "W" (as in "Wayne's World") is seen badged inside and outside the car. The name "Rhapsody" refers to the famous scene in the movie where the two characters sing along to the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen while driving in the "Mirthmobile" (an AMC Pacer).


  • The Rhapsody looks similar to a vehicle featured in the 2006 Atari game Driver: Parallel Lines, which was also called the "Rhapsody". Incidentally, the game also features a fictionalized, scaled-down version of New York.
  • The steering wheel on the Rhapsody has the Classique logo on it instead of the Declasse logo. This can be explained, as the Rhapsody shares its interior with the Stallion, save for the altered photo and the "W" and "Rhapsody" badges on the dash and doors.

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