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The Rhino

Rhino is the name of an armored fighting vehicle since GTA III. The Rhino is not a tank, as a tank is defined as a tracked, armored fighting vehicle but is still referred to as "the tank" by most GTA players. Both versions of the Rhino lack treads. In both GTA III and GTA Vice City it resembles a modified M3 tank, but it is very unrealistic - tall, with doors on both sides, that can be easily damaged with even the slightest hit and truck-style 3-axle drivetrain with easily seen wheels. The turret was rotated by pressing buttons, which made precise shooting almost impossible. Since GTA San Andreas the Rhino looks like an M1 Abrams and is much more realistic. It is colored beige (desert camouflage), has a normal tank entrance in front and a new drivetrain with smaller wheels, which look almost like tracks. It also has a new steering system, that finally allows to make very tight turns. The turret is operated with mouse or right thumbstick (PS2), which allows to shoot directly at the target. Like its predecessor from the earlier games, the Rhino appears when the player gets a six star wanted rating. In all games, the Rhino can be avoided without much difficulty because of its slow speed and bad handling, but it's extremely deadly if the player attempts engaging one, since its cannon kills with one blast, and the soldier driving totes an M4. When it hits a car, the car most of the time explodes straight away; if not, it starts to burn instead. They're immune to all weapons minus the flamethrower and molotovs, as well as the Rocket launcher and the Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher. The tank in GTA San Andreas can also be found in Area 69. The Rhino does not appear in GTA IV, even when 6 wanted stars are attained.


First Rhino Second Rhino
Color Green camouflage Desert camouflage
Handling Handling of this tank is terrible. Even at low speeds its turns are horribly wide. Unlike the normal tank it has very poor acceleration, when maximum speed is normal for this kind of tank. It has a working handbrake, but because of its wide turning radius and dual rear axles it is difficult to tighten turns with it. Tank is quite bouncy, so its wheels easily lose contact with ground. Its small ground clearance, bouncy suspension and low torque makes this tank very poor when driving off-road, or even through small barriers. This tank has 2 steering modes: normal allows it to make turns a little better than trucks, and extra, activated with handbrake button, allows to make extra tight turns. It has little better off-road abilities, but it is still far from perfect. It has better acceleration and grip, but it still cannot go through high obstacles. It handles better on road. The turret now points to where the player's camera is pointed, making it difficult to aim in some circumstances.
  • When you rotate your turret back and start shooting you will be able to reach very high speeds. Its handling is terrible!
  • Even the slightest touch of normal vehicle will make it explode, so you can destroy cars not only by ramming into it, but with little hits.
  • Because you've got doors and the Rhino is slow you can be easily busted by a police officer sticking his gun into your tank. It is even more dangerous when you lose doors.
  • Hitting other tanks will damage you.
  • The tank is rocketproof, but not flameproof. Set it on fire a few times and it will explode.
  • You can still use shooting behind you to accelerate, but you won't be able to see anything in front of you.
  • Now damage caused to other cars is determined from the power you hit it. Slight touch will only push other cars, harder hits will make a car smoke or set in on fire, and the hardest hits will immediately make it explode.
  • Now it is difficult to arrest you in tank, but it is still possible.
  • Hitting other tanks will damage you.
  • The tank is rocketproof, but not flameproof. Set it on fire few times and it will explode.


In the tank you can perform vigilante missions, which means catching and killing suspects. The Rhino isn't necessarily the best vehicle to do this mission because sooner or later you will be chased by the army, which means other tanks ramming your tank and damaging it. On the other hand, if you cannot complete the missions with the other, comparatively flimsy police vehicles, the Rhino might be better. If you can intercept the enemy vehicles, rather than chasing them, you may be able to strike the targets with the tank instead of firing on them. This method cuts down on the wanted level you receive, which may help you avoid having to fight the military.

In GTA Vice City there is a mission in which you have to steal a tank, Sir, Yes Sir!. Its doors are closed, so you need to wait until the driver hops out to buy some doughnuts, or kill guy on top of the tank. This tank has a self-destruct mechanism which you must have disabled before it destroys the tank.