Richman Country Club

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The back side of the Country Club

The Richman Country Club, is a Country Club that is actually located in Vinewood. The club is featured on the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas website, where it states that "Where the rich play golf together, and shower in exclusive surroundings, and pay a fortune for the privilege". this must indicate that the country club is highly expensive hence the name "Richman". The Club only makes a minor appearance in the games storyline; it appears as one of the short cuts OG Loc uses to avoid the pursuing Carl Johnson, and Madd Dogg during the mission Cut Throat Business. Other than that the Country Club has no use to the player due to the fact that the club is inaccessible, other than that, it features a large club house, four big tennis courts, and large walkway in which curious tourist come and explore.

The Website in which the club is featured. --->