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Rigged to Blow is a mission for Mikhail Faustin in GTA IV given to Niko Bellic to blow up a garage..


When you arrive at the house, Mikhail isn’t there. His wife Ilyena is and she invites Niko in for some tea. Mikhail and Dimitri arrive and they give you the mission. There is a truck sitting about midway up the island that needs delivering to a garage in Bohan.

Niko heads to the location, but then Faustin reveals that the truck is a bomb, packed solid with high-yield very sensitive explosives. Niko must drive the truck to the garage without colliding much, otherwise the bomb will detonate. There is a light on the back of the truck that indicates when the explosive is becoming unstable, followed by a speeding-up beep.

It is best to take your time, and drive sensibly. Because of the trucks weight it's very slow so you don't need to worry about speed however its brakes are poor and the steering angle is too wide. Most of the streets you drive through are wide and nearly empty of traffic (although the time of day can be an important factor here). Using the horn can also move other vehicles out of the way. Since the truck is so large, it may be easier to put the camera at a slightly higher elevation than normal, so you can see what’s directly in front of you. Paying attention to traffic lights will prevent most collisions at junctions. Stop to pay the toll, even if you don't usually,as the police will most certainly cause the bomb to detonate.

Roman should call you as you’re crossing into Bohan, but Niko will respond automatically, so just focus on driving. You’ll have to make a sharp turn when you get off the East Borough Bridge, so be ready for that. The sidewalk there is wide, thankfully, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble if you take it one move at a time. After the hairpin turn, you should only have to make two right turns to reach the garage, then a left to turn into it.

Arm the bomb, then let Niko make a run for it. Watch the beautiful explosion in the cutscene, and keep an eye out for a getaway vehicle. Get in a nearby car and leave before the police arrive.

Niko calls Mikhail to complain about being conned - he calls Niko coward but you’ll still get the reward cash. After this, expect a message from Dimitri to meet up with him at the Firefly Boardwalk to "talk" with him.


  • So why did Mikhail want you to blow up the garage anyway? Well, if you stick around shortly after the blast, some unnamed and unseen guy will exchange lines with a “Kenny” as to how they’re ruined, and no way could this have been an accident. Kenny, as in Kenny Petrovic?