Rocco Pelosi

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Rocco Pelosi was a low level mafioso working for the Ancelotti Family and Gay Tony owed him money. He told a Chinese gangster about Luis Lopez and Tony during The Ballad of Gay Tony and he asked them to get a drinking license for a club the Triads were about to open. They refused and a shootout occured between Luis and the triads. The second job was at the Algonquin golf club where a union official was being interrogated by Rocco, who ordered Luis to hit golf balls at him from a certain distance. The interrogation was interrupted by several Cavalcade's full of Messina Family enforcers and Tony, Rocco and Luis escaped on golf caddies, one with the union official strapped to the front. one job involved Luis travelling the city, planting sticky bombs on cranes, subway trains and planes.

He and his friend Uncle Vince were talking with Giovanni Ancelotti after the Diamonds case and so did Ray Bulgarin, therefore Rocco was forced to make a decision. Kill Gay Tony or Luis. He and Vince met with Luis and persuaded him to kill Tony, telling him that it would be better and they could run the clubs. Rocco and Vince got to Tony before Luis and were eager for him to kill Tony. Luis was passed a handgun and apologised to his close friend and mentor before pulling the trigger-on Vince. Rocco wasn't killed by Luis due to the fact he was a made man, and he escaped alive. He might of been killed by Luis in Departure Time as the man who was shooting at Luis when he was trying to get on the plane.