Rocket Car Glitch

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The Rocket Car Glitch is a glitch in Grand Theft Auto III.


This glitch can only be performed with an Infernus at Francis International Airport. At one end of the runway pointing towards the ocean, there is an elevated helipad near where a Dodo occasionally spawns. On the side of the helipad pointing towards the ocean, there are two staircases, one smaller than the other. Back up the Infernus onto the staircase, where it will get stuck. Then get out and the Infernus will make a reverse sound constantly increasing in pitch. If done correctly, it should eventually come unstuck and drive away at high speeds. Pressing the jump button in front of the car will show an animation of the player jumping out of the path of a moving vehicle, because the game thinks the Infernus is moving.

Video demonstration of the "Rocket Car" glitch on YouTube