Roger C. Hole

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Roger C. Hole seen jogging before his assassination

Roger C. Hole is the corrupt mayor of Liberty City up until his assassination in Liberty City Stories. He has survived three famous scandals, one in 1993 in which he, three Russian prostitutes, and a senior manager from a construction company were trying to secure government contracts, another in 1995 when he was photographed having lunch with members of the Forelli family, and finally an incident in 1997 in which he was accused of securing drugs for city officials in exchange for sanitation contracts.

Hole is in the payroll of Franco Forelli, and organized a task force to take down the Leone family's Don, Salvatore Leone. In retaliation, Salvatore ordered a hit on the mayor in Belleville Park. Hole is slain whilst jogging, paving the way for Salvatore's mayoral candidate, Donald Love, to win the election and control the city.

The game's manual states that he has been in office since 1992, which would mean he served two terms, the first which took place from 1992-1996, and the second he did not complete, 1996-1998. After Hole's death, Miles O'Donovan was successfully elected as Hole's successor.

R.C. Hole's full name, when pronounced with two of his first names in initials, is a sly reference of the word "arsehole."