Rolled Over

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Rolled Over
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
Trophy grade: Bronze
Gamerscore: 30 Gamerscore
Requirement: You managed 5 car rolls in a row from one crash

Rolled Over is a trophy/achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is not story related, and can therefore be missed.


You acquire this trophy when you've flipped your car over five times in a row without releasing the designated accelerate button.

Tips & Tricks

  • The easiest way to acquire this trophy is to get a pretty fast car, like the Infernus, and take it to the landing strip at Francis International Airport. In the grass area of the landing strip there are yellow signs that you could use as jumps. Try to get your car to hit the yellow sign with half of the car, i.e. just two wheels, and you will flip over. Keep doing this without letting go of the accelerate button, and you will get it within seconds.
  • Some people say you should use the Swingset Glitch. However, this has proved to be very inefficient as you will only do 2-4 flips most of the time. However, you could get lucky and manage five.

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