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Rudyard is a character from the Grand Theft Auto series who makes a brief appearance in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Rudyard does not a speaking role, and is a member of the Uptown Yardies, who are just moving to Liberty City.

Rudyard is a member of the Uptown Yardies, who thanks to Toni Cipriani, have just taken over the Newport area of Staunton Island. However, the Forelli family are resisting, which leads to Rudyard along with some other members of the Uptown Yardies to enter a shoot-out in an alley-way in Newport. However, the Forelli's outnumber them, and shoot Rudyard just as Toni shows up. Toni kills all the members of the Forelli family, allowing the Yardies to take Rudyard to the hospital in an Ambulance.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Mission Appearances

  • Night of the Livid Dreads