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The Kruger and its associated HUD icon
The Ruger Mini-14 in real life with a folding stock and legal sized barrel

The Kruger (or Ruger in the original PS2 version) is the entry-level assault rifle in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. As an assault rifle, the Kruger can manually aim in first-person view but cannot normally automatically aim at characters. Its performance is similar to that of the more expensive M4, the main difference is its significantly slower rate of fire. The weapon is based on the real life Ruger Mini-14 with a government legal barrel and a folding stock.


GTA Vice City

Tommy using a Ruger in GTA Vice City.


  • The Kruger can be obtained by inputting the cheat for the basic weapons set. 120 ammo will be given to the player.
PC: thugstools
  • The Kruger can auto-aim by having the player character be set on fire. This glitch can also work with the M4. It is best used after completion of Firefighter side-mission to gain fire-proofing of Tommy.