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The Rural Police is the branch of the San Andreas Police Department that is responsible for policing duties in the country and desert areas of the State of San Andreas, these areas include include Red County, Flint County, Bone County and all associated towns. Its officers dress in dark brown shirts with cream trousers and a sheriffs hat and badge as seen below. They are armed with 9mm pistols and nightsticks. The game's files include a rural police officer with a beige shirt that matches the LVPD uniform. This, however, was cut from the game for an unknown reason and is presumed to be for police officers in Bone County. It is unknown if the rural police are just one department or a collective of up to 4 sheriffs departments. They can usually only be seen outside of the three cities, however, under certain conditions, such as the immediate period after entering one of the three cities, their patrol vehicles may spawn in place of each cities respective vehicle for a very short time.


The Ranger is the rural police's vehicle of choice. It is a modified Rancher equipped with lights and sirens (as well as a new paint job). It has very good off-road handling and a relatively high speed, making it ideal for traversing the many off-road areas under the jurisdiction of the rural police.

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