Russian Revolution

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Mikhail is dead. Not like there was any other way that could have ended. Chances are you’re in bad shape after that big gunfight, so get a bite to eat and go pick up some new body armor from the backalley gun shop- it’s $500 well spent, trust me. If you’re low on Micro-Uzi ammunition you’ll want to pick up as much of that as you can buy, too, but always be sure you leave with at least $100 on hand.

When you’re ready, call up Dmitri- or he may call you, if you delay. At any rate, he’s ready to discuss your payment, and is waiting in a warehouse down at the Navy Yard.

Do you smell herring, too? Something about this stinks to high heaven. Maybe it’s just that all the other mission markers vanished straight off your GPS when you ended that call, as did the Safehouse star. Little Jacob thinks so, too- he’ll call you in short order recommending caution. If you insist on collecting, though, he’ll meet you at the place.

Take him up on the offer. Get a car, taxi, whatever, and head down to the warehouse (shouldn’t be too hard to find, being the only mission marker left on your GPS). Park around back- Little Jacob is waiting by the big door.

Stuck In A Warehouse With A Firefight

The cutscene that follows is required watching at least once, since it makes for an enormous part of the story. Make that once now, as you’ll likely be seeing it again and again. Basically, Dmitri decided to bring a friend, too- and surprise surprise, it’s an old acquaintance of Niko’s (no words as to who). The door beins to shut, Jacob ducks inside, Dmitri and company duck out the other end, and it begins.

You’re trapped in a warehouse with twenty-odd goons and Jacob, with only one First-Aid Kit in sight (and it’s a ways down the thing). Worse still, Jacob is mortal man, and he has a tendency (as mentioned in Concrete Jungle) to rush ahead of the player. The TMP is your friend here, and if you don’t have tons of ammo for it you may be in trouble- not impossible trouble, but big trouble.

Anyhow. The only goal here is to get yourself and Jake out of this hellbox alive, which is harder than it sounds. Keep moving, keep in cover, and never stop firing. Target-aim if you can, but if you’re running low on health just blindfire at everything. In addition to the FAK, there is a Molotov Cocktail sitting around in here that you could put to good use.

Eventually, Dmitri will bug out the front, and immediately after that the cops show up. DO NOT PANIC- they don’t enter the warehouse, and if you panic and rush out to meet them without finishing off all the goons first you’ll get toasted.

Besides, you don’t have to fight them anyways. Once the goons are all dead, simply run out the door (ignore the prompt to duck behind the cop car, it’ll only slow you down)- Jacob’s Voodoo is parked right to the right of it. Pile in and drive off, preferably to the Pay ‘N Spray. Once you lose the cops either by outrunning them or by spraying the car, take Jacob back to the Homebrew Café and contemplate your lot.