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File:Ryder 1.jpg
Ryder with his famous San Andreas hat, and black sunglasses

Lance Wilson also known as Ryder; is a long-time member of the Grove Street Families gang. He is accused of always being the troublemaker; along with CJ, and is also said to go on rampages, attempting the impossible, and is always under the influence of some kind of drug. He is also the chatterbox of the group, and like to comment on peoples driving. He said himself on one mission that he dropped out of high school because his teacher was wearing Ballas colors. Later in the game he is bribed by Tenpenny to join the Loco Syndicate and thus drops the "homies for life" and becomes an enemy of the Grove Street Families. Ryder is only seen in the video game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

He forces Carl Johnson to raid a National Guard armory and to steal from an old army colonel so that GSF could make a comeback in Los Santos. After CJ and Sweet were arrested by the Los Santos police department, Ryder fled to San Fierro where he turned from protagonist to antagonist. Near the end of the San Fierro series of missions, Carl finally killed Ryder in a boat chase.