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The following are dialog and mission scripts as seen during "Ryder" in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Lance "Ryder" Wilson: Hey, man, what you want?

Carl Johnson: Seeing my homie. What's up with you?

Ryder: Yeah, homie, yeah yeah. It's good to see you back.

Carl: No homie love? No hug?

Ryder: Oh, for sure, for sure my nigga, my bad. What's crackin' with you?

Carl: Hey, man, what you strapped for?

Ryder: Man, some pizza place keeps painting over our hit up, man! That shit is beautiful. Teach the owner a lesson. He's fucking with Grove Street. You down?

Carl: I'm always down.

Ryder: Ahhh, yeah... Let's go, bitch.

(Carl and Ryder begin to drive to The Well Stacked Pizza Co. store in Idlewood)

Carl: Hey, Old Reece still run the barber shop?

Ryder: Like a raggedy-assed motherfucker! He popped his membrane years ago! No WAY I'd let that old fool near MY head!

Carl: Yeah, I think I'll get cut up.

Ryder: Whatever. You got five minutes. I'll be cutting you like a DJ. So when you running off again?

Carl: I'm not, I'm thinkin' of staying.

Ryder: Why?

Carl: My family, the homies is here.

Ryder: We were always here, fool!

Carl: Yeah, but, now I'm back and I know what I've been missing.

Ryder: Don't expect me to kiss your ass or nothing. You're still a busta to me.

Carl: Yeah, OK, Thanks homie.

Ryder: Don't mention it.

(Carl and Ryder arrive at Reece's Hair & Facial Studio, with Carl entering the building and getting a haircut. If Ryder dislikes Carl's haircut)

Ryder: Shit! I told you he was crazy! Man, you jacked up!

(If Ryder likes Carl's haircut)

Ryder: You know something? I take it back. Old Reece still got it cracking.

(Dialogue remains the same from this point)

Ryder: Man, what's this? Shit looks ridiculous. No respect for the 'hood, all clean and shit. You're looking too skinny, CJ. Go and get us something to eat. I'm gonna finish this. Then I'm going to take care of business.

(Carl enters The Well Stacked Pizza Co. store and orders some food, whilst Ryder enters with a mask on attempting to hold up the store)

Ryder: Give up the money! This a raid!

Store Manager: Ryder! Not this again!

Ryder: It ain't me, fool.

Store Manager: No one else is that small! I feel sorry for your dad!

Carl: Shit, you crazy! Let's get up outta here!

Ryder: Same old CJ! Busta! Straight busta!

(The Well Stacked Pizza Co. store manager fires a shotgun towards Carl)

Ryder: Oh, shit! RUN!

(Carl and Ryder run out of the store and back to Ryder's car)

Store Manager: This pizza parlor is no push-over!

(Carl and Ryder enter Ryder's car)

Ryder: What you waiting for, fool? Take us back to the Grove, motherfucker!

(Carl drives Ryder back to his home in Grove Street)

Ryder: Better drop by and see Sweet. He's been yapping on about that graffiti, too. Later, homie.