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[[Image:Spas12shotgun.jpg|right|150px|thumb|[[Tommy Vercetti]] with the SPAS-12 Shotgun]]
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The '''SPAS-12''' (often - even in the game - wrongly called SPAZ-12) is a semi-automatic shotgun of Italian origins, which is put to use in many movies and videogames. It first appeared in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]]. The gun has a very good firing rate and most of the time kills its target in one shot, especially if fired at close range. In the most recent installation, [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] it is called the pump-action shotgun
| '''Name''' || '''SPAS-12''' ('''S'''pecial '''P'''urpose '''A'''utomatic '''S'''hotgun) 
| '''Model''' ||  Semi-automatic shotgun
| '''Locations (VC)''' || '''1.''' Behind the sandwich board "Surfing [[Vice Beach]]" opposite of the airport terminal, Escobar International Airport
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