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NOTE: This weapon is spelled differently in versions of Vice City. For the PS2 it is called the 'Spaz 12', it is also sometimes spelled with a hyphen (Spaz-12 or Spas-12)

The SPAS 12 is an automatic shotgun that can be obtained in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, and recently in Vice City Stories. The shotgun generally holds seven shells in the undertube of the gun, and shoots in a fully automatic mode (excluding San Andreas). Due to the shotguns extreme advantageous performance toward the player in Vice City, Rockstar later changed its settings in subsequent games to balance the weapon out. The shotgun is not commonly found throughout the games. In Vice City only one Ammu Nation sells the gun at a extreme price of $7000, with a similar situation in San Andreas. In Liberty City Stories there are only two locations to find this gun.