SWAT Retirement Fund

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The SWAT Retirement Fund is, as the name states, the retirement fund money for the SWAT to collect once they retired from active service. The SWAT Retirement Fund was mainly bribes and fines collected throught the SWAT's years of service. The SWAT Retirement Fund is stored in the Flange 9000 safe in the El Banco Corrupto Grande. In 1986, Kent Paul informs Tommy Vercetti about the SWAT Retirement Fund being held inside the safe. Tommy then spends time planning a bank robbery and assembling his team during the Malibu Club asset missions. In the final mission, The Job, Tommy and his four man bank job team, consisting of himself, Cam Jones, Phil Cassidy and Hilary King, rob the bank, successfully breaking into the safe and stealing the SWAT retirement fund, at the expense of Hilary and (optinally) Cam.