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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
[[N.O.O.S.E. APC]] A similar vehicle appearing in the upcoming [[DLC]] [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
[[NOOSE APC]] A similar vehicle appearing in the upcoming [[DLC]] [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
[[es:Tanqueta S.W.A.T]]
[[es:Tanqueta S.W.A.T]]

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File:Swat tank.jpg
S.W.A.T. tank.

The SWAT Tank (referred to as S.W.A.T. upon entering in the game) is a large four-wheeled armored Riot Control Police vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The SWAT Tank, however, is incorrectly classified as a tank by most people; it is really an armored personnel carrier (APC). It is only available in the last mission, so the player must spare it if intending to keep one. It has a powerful water cannon, that can easily knock down enemies. This vehicle does have sirens; however, it does not have any lights. It has double the health of any other general vehicle on the game, due to its heavy armor. It is fun to drive as its shovel-shaped front easily pushes cars harshly with minuscule damage done to the APC. It can accommodate two people, who can enter through the doors on either side. There is hatch on top of the APC but it is not accessible.

The SWAT Tank may be used to initiate the Vigilante vehicle mission; however, since Carl Johnson cannot perform a drive-by in the SWAT Tank, it is not recommended to try to do so. This vehicle is not bullet-proof/bomb-proof/fire-proof/explosion-proof, meaning if being shot at by the FBI, S.W.A.T., Army, or Police with heavy weapons, this vehicle may explode quickly, making it a terrible getaway car. However, in the last mission, there is a bullet and fireproof version.

The SWAT Tank is based on the Cadillac Gage V-100 Commando, which the LAPD sometimes used as an urban assault vehicle during the 80s and 90s. At Zero's store, Zero RC, there are boxes of a model of it named "Swat Van 92".


  • Two are seen During the mission End of the Line.
  • One is seen and used to break the wall open. (Bullet and fireproof).
  • The second one is seen inside the Crack Palace, it is also unlocked and Drivable.


  • The SWAT Tank (or another vehicle linked to SWAT) was meant to appear in GTA IV, because of the handling line being still in the game's files. It may make an appearance in it's second downloadable content, The Ballad of Gay Tony. The official website suggests that it may be part of the NOOSE.[1]


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See Also

NOOSE APC A similar vehicle appearing in the upcoming DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony