Salt in the Wound

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The final mission in the storyline of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, in which Huang Lee must chase down his uncle, Wu Lee, and kill him. Huang and Wade meet up and then goes to the area were the meeting between the real Wonsu boss and Wades FIB contact. When they arrive a shotout begins between some triads and cops. Wade and Huang chases Kenny around the plant and gets attacked by some triads. When they finally exits the plant Kenny escapes in a boat and Huang and Wade chases him with Wade driving and Huang using a minigun. When they´re stoping Kenny escapes by car to Hsin Jaoming and kills him. Then he attacks Huang but he is easily killed. Some cops enters and Wade is saying that it´s his bust and therefore saves Huang from jail. Huang may become the new triad leader of Liberty City.