Salvatore's Called A Meeting

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Salvatore Called A Meeting
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Toni Cipriani
Start location: St Marks
Reward: $15000

Salvatore Called A Meeting is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III. it introduces Salvatore Leone, a the Don of the Leones and a character important to many games in the series.

Claude goes back to Toni's expecting more work, and finds a note saying that the Don of the Leone family, Salvatore Leone, has called a meeting to discuss the war between the Traids and the Leones. The limo that Claude will be driving is over at Joey's. Claude drives there and enters the limo.

After this, he goes to pick up Luigi at Sex Club 7. Then, the last stop is Toni's, where Claude goes next. Everybody is ready to go to Salvatore's beach-house non Portland Beach, but they hit a snag - Triads have formed a blockade at the gates.

Claude charges forward and runs over a Triad in the middle, allowing him enough room to navigate the limo over to the house, where he meets Salvatore Leone. Claude is paid 15,000 dollars and Salvatore opens up as an employer.

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