Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club

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Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club is a prominent location in the Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories renditions of Liberty City.


Located in Portland Beach, Portland Island, Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club doubles as the Leone Family's main hub of business and Salvatore Leone's very own home.

The building features on accessible interior, a living room used for conferences, a very large balcony overlooking Portland Harbor, a bar stocked with liquor, space for 4-6 cars in the garage, and Leone Sentinels and, in 1998, black PCJ-600's in the driveway. The estate is on a hill above in the north-west corner or Saint Mark's, next to Harwood. Several missions for Salvatore are accessed here, whether it be in Grand Theft Auto III or in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


In Grand Theft Auto IV, there is some speculation that the old mansion on top of a hill in Alderney that looks similar to Salvatore's home may be very well his home. This is may be an easter egg. But, it is impossible that this is true as Rockstar Games stated that nothing from the past era would be used (apart from easter eggs).