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Sam Houser is the co-founder and president of Rockstar Games and one of the main people behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise, being director and producer since the third game. He is responsible for taking GTA into the 3D-environment era, recreating real cities under fully 3D-engines and turning the series into huge profits during video games sixth generation era.

Grand Theft Auto

Credited as executive producer on Grand Theft Auto 3, Houser's responsibilities on that game were, in his words, to be "militant on ensuring the game had a look, a sound, a story and a feel that worked." [1] His description of the series as a whole is that the three sixth-generation Grand Theft Auto games form a "trilogy, [featuring] our distorted look at the East Coast around the time of the millennium (Grand Theft Auto III), followed by our reinterpretation of '80s Miami (Vice City), and lastly, our look at early-'90s California (San Andreas)." [2]


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