San Andreas Coast Guard

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The San Andreas Coast Guard is a subsection of the San Andreas Police Department, only patrolling the waters around San Andreas. They will only appear once the player has a two-star wanted level, sometimes at one-star. Once they begin to follow you they will have one officer driving a Predator, along with another one at the front of the boat armed with a pistol. Since the predator has built in machine guns, they will only be fired if the target has tried to escape, however the other officer will shoot at Carl regardless if he has dived underwater or is still in his vehicle. The two officers will appear as the police native to the city around them, such as if it is around the desert or countryside they will be the Country/Desert Police, or if it's around San Fierro they will be from the San Fierro Police Department, and so on. An interesting note is that if Carl has jumped onto the Predator the officer driving it will flee in terror instead of trying to kill him. They're also very impatient, and may sometimes scream at the other officer to urge him to kill the player.

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