San Andreas Police Department

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For information about how the SAPD pursuit the player, see here.

The San Andreas Police Department (SAPD) is the main law enforcement agency servicing the state of San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is subdivided into individual authorities based in the three major cities of Los Santos, San Fierro, who have black uniforms and have police bikes potrolling the area. And Las Venturas, which the officers here wear a cream coloured uniform like the Las Vegas PD. And in smaller service locations in the surrounding areas of Red County, Flint County, Bone County, Tierra Robada, and Whetstone  who wear a cowboy hat a black shirt and cream coloured pants. They take no tolerance to any crime and one of the finest cops around. (Besides LCPD)

One Star

At one star the police aren't lethal, or that interested in trying to arrest you, or kill you. Getting away from them is the easiest thing as they will chase you but won't out forth that much effort. Unlike in the two previous games, they will shoot at you but only if you brandish a firearm. Hiding for a little bit will see that this wanted level will be diminished.

Two Stars

At two stars the police will try harder to bring you down. Police will become more aggressive, the coast guard will be placed in the waters for extra help, and will shoot at you regardless. Getting this wanted level can be from committing a more serious crime than just one for one star, like blowing up a car, or attacking an officer, with a melee weapon. The worst weapon here will be the pistol, and or nightstick.

Three Stars

When three stars are attained the police will start to set up roadblocks with police cars and officers behind them. Also police helicopters will start to follow you, and will shoot at you if you wait long enough or attack them.

Four Stars

Five Stars

When you get five stars the FBI will start to arrive in FBI Ranchers with SMGs.They're also very aggressive due to them charging at you quite fast and being armed with MP5s are dangerous in groups.

Six Stars

Gaining a six star wanted level will cause the army to get involved.They will come in Rhino tanks,Barracks with soliders who are armed with M4s.poilce will still be attacking you and alot of Helicopters will arrive too.


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