San Andreas in GTA IV Era

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San Andreas is another location people think will be in the next GTA besides Vice City.San Andreas is a next option because Vice City was not the only one that passed on from Liberty City in the GTA 1 Era so did San Andreas.People also think San Andreas will be next probaly because it only featured in one game which people might suggest that they might make one again featuring the location.Rockstar Games has not confirmed the location yet.

Hints that it might be next
File:167356 gta V teaser.jpg
This is the photo that contains the mystery.


  • Vice City is another location that is strongly belived to be in the next game.
  • Rockstar Games hasnt confirmed anything on the games next location.
  • There is also a strong belief that the game may take place in another country.


Since its the GTA IV Era it might be a new renditon of it like how they remade Liberty City However no one has ever talked about a new renditon of it so its possible it will look like the GTA 3 Era rendition.Its possible that the graphics may look better than the original San Andreas since it is the GTA IV Era.The qualities of the game will probaly be the same.Another thing is that the characters will most likely be linked since its in the same Era even though Chinatown Wars did not feature any characters from GTA IV.

Discussion on the next game

There are some websites that have have been discussing a few topics.One topic that was bieng discussed on GTA V website was an idea to put kids or animals in the soon to come game however most people objected to this due to the fact that the media will be all over it if they put kids in it.Another topic that was bieng discussed was about putting a female Protagonist into the new game people disaprooved of this.The last thing that they talked about was if u can fly planes in the game they thought it was a good idea.

Other Locations that are strongly belived to be next

  • Vice City
  • London,England
  • Paris,France
  • Tokyo,Japan
  • San Antonio,Texas
  • San Diego,California