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The State of San Andreas is a fictional West Coast state in the United States. The state is based on California. It is unknown whether San Andreas will comprise both California and Nevada, since both states were featured as one state called "San Andreas" in both GTA: San Andreas and GTA IV.


  • San Andreas is noticeably different from its rendition in GTA: San Andreas. For example, Los Santos has been completely redesigned. Though it shares a few resemblances to its GTA San Andreas counterpart, with both renditions being directly based on Los Angeles, Los Santos has completely new neighborhoods, landmarks, and locations of many returning landmarks are different. In addition, GTA V's rendition of the city appears to be larger, and more geographically consistent with the real-life city of Los Angeles.
  • It's likely we'll only see a small portion of the state (Southern San Andreas), since the game will likely take place in a "re-imagined, Southern California". Rockstar may add places traditionally not included in Southern California.
  • San Fierro and Las Venturas will at least likely be referenced in the game, as Vice City and the latter two were mentioned in GTA IV and it's episodes numerous times, despite not being added, alongside real-life cities being mentioned. There is rumor that San Fierro and Las Venturas may serve as DLC, however there is no confirmation. Similar rumors arose about the inclusion of an island based on Staten Island being included in the DLC for GTA IV - However, no new locations were added in the DLC.
  • The name of the state can be confirmed from the license plates seen in the game, which are evidently based on California's.
  • This rendition of the state will take place in modern day or perhaps near future (approx. 2008-2014), rather than 1992 in a previous rendition of the state. Not only does Rockstar's information confirm this, but also cars, landmarks (for example, Pacific Park, which is parodied as Pleasure Pier, was not opened until 1996), and the general game's plot on the recession era (late 2007-2010) and post-recession (2010-present day) United States.

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