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The Sandking, near a beach in Los Santos

The sandking is pretty much the best all purpose ground vehicle in the Grand Theft Auto Series. The Sandking, first made its introductory appearance in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, being an unlockable vehicle if the player managed to deliver a list of wanted cars to the Vercetti Car Shop. This would spawn one at the top of the building, which could easily be manouvered out. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas the Sandking makes another appearance, this time being more easilly obtainable, and more user-friendly, it can be found on several beaches throughout the state.

Handling & Other

The Sandking has excellent handling, due to its escalated suspension system, and super gripping tires. The car also has a high speed level, while staying easily controlable. It boasts the player's sex appeal to about a 75% level, making this car a great choice for off-roading, street racing, cruising, picking up girls, etc.