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(Main save points and safehouses: You can actually enter and save on CJ's house before triggering the mission "Big Smoke", by riding the BMX and driving it through the small wooden 3-step stairs outside CJ's House..)
(Main save points and safehouses: Changed In the beginning to First Mission.)
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|Medium Garage
|Medium Garage
|[[First mission (GTA SA)|In the beginning...]]
|[[First mission (GTA SA)|First Mission]]

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In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there are 37 save points that Carl Johnson acquires throughout 1992. These are divided into basic save points, which are granted to Carl as he progresses through the storyline, and safe houses, which are save points with added amenities that Carl may purchase after unlocking them by completing certain missions. All safe houses are needed to complete the game (contributing 15% of the total), costing a total of $879,000.

Main save points and safehouses

There are 8 main save points and safehouses that are made available to Carl as he completes missions in the game's story. All are free of charge with one exception. These may or may not be inside an enclosed structure, but consist of no more than a save icon, and in three cases, a usable garage. Only the Johnson House has a wardrobe of them.

Image Name Location Cost Garage Unlocked by
JohnsonHouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Johnson House Ganton, Los Santos Free Medium Garage First Mission
AngelPineSavePoint-GTASA.jpg Angel Pine Save Point Angel Pine, Whetstone Free None The Green Sabre
Catalina'shideout-GTASA.jpg Catalina's Hideout Fern Ridge, Red County Free None King In Exile
Xoomer-GTASA-Doherty-exterior.jpg Doherty Garage Doherty, San Fierro Free Big Garage Are You Going to San Fierro?
MikeToreno'sRanch-GTASA-frontexterior.jpg Mike Toreno's Ranch Tierra Robada Free None Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
VerdantMeadows-GTASA-westward.jpg Abandoned AC tower Verdant Meadows, Bone County $80,000 Huge Garage Verdant Meadows
TheFourDragonsCasino-GTASA-exterior.jpg The Four Dragons Casino The Four Dragons Casino, Las Venturas Free None Learning to Fly
MaddDogg'sCrib-GTASA-aerialview.jpg Madd Dogg's Mansion Mulholland, Los Santos Free None A Home in the Hills

Other safe houses

There are 29 other safe houses scattered around the state that are unlocked at various points in the story. These safe houses are purchasable properties containing a save icon as well as a wardrobe, which distinguishes them from save points. Safe houses may also contain usable garages, capable of storing up to four vehicles.

Image Name Location Cost Garage Unlocked by
Los Santos
JeffersonSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Jefferson Safehouse Jefferson, Los Santos $10,000 None First Mission
ElCoronaSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg El Corona Safehouse El Corona, Los Santos $10,000 Medium Garage First Mission
VeronaBeachSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Verona Beach Safehouse Verona Beach, Los Santos $10,000 None First Mission
WillowfieldSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Willowfield Safehouse Willowfield, Los Santos $10,000 None First Mission
SantaMariaBeachSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Santa Maria Beach Safehouse Santa Maria Beach, Los Santos $30,000 Medium Garage First Mission
MulhollandSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Mulholland Safehouse Mulholland, Los Santos $120,000 Small Garage First Mission
Red County
BlueberrySafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Blueberry Safehouse Blueberry, Red County $10,000 None The Green Sabre
PalominoCreekSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Palomino Creek Safehouse Palomino Creek, Red County $35,000 Small Garage The Green Sabre
DillimoreSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Dillimore Safehouse Dillimore, Red County $40,000 Small Garage The Green Sabre
Flint County
FlintCountySafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Flint County Safehouse Flint County $100,000 None The Green Sabre
AngelPineSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Angel Pine Safehouse Angel Pine, Whetstone $20,000 None The Green Sabre
San Fierro
ChinatownSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Chinatown Safehouse Chinatown, San Fierro $20,000 None Are You Going to San Fierro?
DohertySafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Doherty Safehouse Doherty, San Fierro $20,000 None Are You Going to San Fierro?
ParadisoSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Paradiso Safehouse Paradiso, San Fierro $20,000 Medium Garage Are You Going to San Fierro?
HashburySafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Hashbury Safehouse Hashbury, San Fierro $40,000 Big Garage Are You Going to San Fierro?
CaltonHeightsSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Calton Heights Safehouse Calton Heights, San Fierro $100,000 Medium Garage Are You Going to San Fierro?
Tierra Robada
ElQuebradosSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg El Quebrados Safehouse El Quebrados, Tierra Robada $20,000 None Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
TierraRobadaSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Tierra Robada Safehouse Tierra Robada $20,000 None Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
Bone County
FortCarsonSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Fort Carson Safehouse Fort Carson, Bone County $30,000 Medium Garage Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
Las Venturas
CreekSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Creek Safehouse Creek, Las Venturas $10,000 None Learning to Fly
RockshoreWestSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Rockshore West Safehouse Rockshore West, Las Venturas $20,000 Small Garage Learning to Fly
RedsandsWestSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Redsands West Safehouse Redsands West, Las Venturas $30,000 Small Garage Learning to Fly
WhitewoodEstatesSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Whitewood Estates Safehouse Whitewood Estates, Las Venturas $30,000 Small Garage Learning to Fly
PricklePineSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Prickle Pine Safehouse Prickle Pine, Las Venturas $50,000 Medium Garage Learning to Fly

Hotel Suites

None of the hotel suites comes with a garage.

Image Name Location Cost Unlocked by
VankHoffinthePark-GTASA-exterior.jpg Queens Hotel Suite Queens, San Fierro $50,000 Are You Going to San Fierro?
OldVenturasStripSafehouse-GTASA-exterior.jpg Old Venturas Strip Hotel Suite Old Venturas Strip, Las Venturas $6,000 Learning to Fly
PiratesinMen'sPants-GTASA-exterior.jpg Pirates in Men's Pants Hotel Suite Pirates in Men's Pants, Las Venturas $6,000 Learning to Fly
TheCamel'sToe-GTASA-exterior.jpg The Camel's Toe Hotel Suite The Camel's Toe, Las Venturas $6,000 Learning to Fly
TheClown'sPocket-GTASA-exterior.jpg The Clown's Pocket Hotel Suite The Clown's Pocket, Las Venturas $6,000 Learning to Fly


  • Saving your game in a safe house with a garage attached to it will often remove custom graphic paint jobs from Loco Lo Co. or Wheel Arch Angels. It is best to keep these vehicles in a garage you won't save at to prevent this from happening.
  • Custom Color paint, two-tone, interiors, and vinyl roofs, however, will stay intact even when saving at that garage. Body modifications and rims also remain untouched.