Schottler Medical Center

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The Schottler Medical Center is a hospital featured in Grand Theft Auto IV in Schottler, Broker on Cassidy Street. It is central to the missions for Jon Gravelli.

The hospital includes a small patch of grass in front of the building and an ambulance bay in the rear; though they most often are parked in front. The building has a similar interior to that of the Westdyke Memorial Hospital in Alderney. There is an automatic sliding door and the waiting area which includes sick people waiting, a Sprunk vending machine, and a health pack. The hospital includes an intensive care ward where injured people lie on beds. If a gun is fired inside, the Hillside Posse will draw SMGs and shoot at you without mercy.

Mission appearances

Notable deaths


  • According to a radio near the ER department, there is one case of Anthax in East Hove Beach.
  • East of the entrance to the ER department, there are locked doors with a window. The doors say " These Doors Are LOCKED for your own safety". Inside the window there are standard curtains covering the window and mysterious red lights inside the room.
  • When you're in a Taxi, Cabby or a Roman's Taxi, and you put a waypoint to this hospital then Niko tells the driver: "To Algonquin-Dukes Expressway, please" but the hospital is in Cassidy Street.
  • The Schottler Medical Center and the Westdyke Memorial Hospital both Eventually get blood on the bottom of all the green chairs.