Schottler Medical Center

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Schottler Medical Center.

The Schottler Medical Center is a hospital featured in Grand Theft Auto IV in Schottler, Broker on Cassidy Street. It is central to the missions for Jon Gravelli.

The hospital includes a small patch of grass in front of the building and an ambulance bay in the rear; though they most often are parked in front. The building has a similar interior to that of the Westdyke Memorial Hospital in Alderney (both hospitals being the only such facilities that can be entered at any time). There is an automatic sliding door and the waiting area which includes sick people waiting, a Sprunk vending machine, and a health pack. The hospital includes an intensive care ward where injured people lie on beds. If a gun is fired inside, the Hillside Posse will draw SMGs and shoot at you without mercy.

Mission appearances

Notable deaths


  • According to a radio near the ER department, there is one case of Anthrax in East Hove Beach.
  • East of the entrance to the ER department, there are locked doors with a window. The doors say " These Doors Are LOCKED for your own safety". Inside the window there are standard curtains covering the window and mysterious red lights inside the room.
  • When riding a taxi with the waypoint set to the hospital, Niko would tell the driver to go to Algonquin-Dukes Expressway when the entrance to the hospital is actually on Cassidy Street.
  • Ambulances very rarely spawn on the cul-de-sac outside the hospital's main entrance.
  • The Schottler Medical Center is a Perfect place to start a massacre and gain the "One Man Army" Achievement. To do this, the player has to gain a six star wanted level, either by killing the people outside and inside the hospital and destroying vehicles, or by typing in the "Gain One Star Wanted Level" cheat six times. Once the player has obtained the six star wanted level, go inside the hospital and hide in one of the rooms. If any police officers enter the hospital, just kill them. Keeping this up for five real-world minutes will give the player the achievement. If the player does run low on health, they can pick up the Health pack provided or they can drink soda from the Sprunk Vending Machine or enter the parked ambulances (although they do not fully restore your health), therefore staying alive.