See the Sight Before Your Flight

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See the Sight Before Your Flight is a 12-level side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories series located at the memorial close to the entrance to Francis International Airport. The missions is about driving tourists around Liberty City and get them to tourist destinations. When you reach them, you will have to follow them on foot, and then you must take three photos of the tourist outside the sight. If the photos are great, you will get a bonus from the tourists. You will have limited time, and you can not increase it. There are 12 different missions. Upon completing all 12 levels the player will be rewarded with a bulletproof Landstalker outside the Shoreside Vale safehouse.


Mission 1

  • A tourist wants to see Cochrane Dam. Get a vehicle (PCJ-600 or a fast car is recommended). Drive him to the location, and take the photos. This is an easy mission with good time. Stay some length away for the best photos.

Mission 2

Mission 3

  • A male tourist wants to visit the Chinatown plaza in Portland Island. You'll be given a lot of time but not too much. Get the photo of him and quickly rush back to the airport.

Mission 4

  • A pilgrim wishes to see the Liberty Cathedral in Bedford Point on Staunton Island.
Just like the rest, use a fast car and get back to the air port.