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The Sentinel in GTA III

The Sentinel, a luxury four-door car, made its first appearance in Grand Theft Auto III as a Mafia car, and has been featured in GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Advance, GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories, and GTA IV. It is commonly found throughout the business districts of all the cities. However, some can be seen driving in the general suburbs, and sometimes in the wealthy parts of town. Its handling is satisfactory, although it suffers from understeer. The Sentinel resembles a 1986-2001 BMW 5 Series sedan in GTA III, GTA VC, and GTA SA. The GTA IV version resembles an E46 BMW M3 Coupe and is made by Übermacht, the game's version of BMW. During GTA: VCS, the Sentinel XS was used as a gang car for the Mendez Cartel.


There have been several versions of the Sentinel throughout the games.

The Mafia Sentinel in GTA III or Leone Sentinel in GTA Liberty City Stories is a gang version of the Sentinel used by the Leone Family. The car is based on the relevant rendition of the Sentinel, but assumes a dark grey color in GTA III, or black in GTA LCS, with lower bumpers and side skirts, as well as the additional rear spoiler and grill at the back windscreen. Like a fine Italian sports car, it accelerates fast and handles well, and thus is ideal for street racing.

The Sentinel XS is a variation of the Sentinel in GTA Vice City, with improved top speed and acceleration, modified hood, a rear spoiler and rear windscreen grills. It is also audibly distinguishable from its naturally aspirated progenitor: the XS features the deep growl of a forced injection engine. It is almost identical to the Mafia Sentinel, except with the model changing (that goes with the newer game and earlier era) and that XS comes in more than one body color, as opposed to one for the Mafia Sentinel.

The sportier version of the Sentinel in GTA IV is called "Sentinel STD." STD stands for "Sport Tuned Derivative." The car features a modified hood, a rear spoiler, and the "STD" logo on each side of the spoiler. The STD badge is a parody of the highest trim in the Subaru Impreza range - the STI (the two logos are very similar). There is also a "Sentinel XS," with spoiler, body kit, and louvers on the rear window. Otherwise, it is just as fast as the Sentinel. All of these variants are simply called the "Sentinel" in the game.

Modifications (GTA: San Andreas)

  • Color (exterior)
  • Exhaust (four varieties)
  • Spoilers (four varieties)
  • Wheels (ten varieties)
  • Nitro (all)
  • Bass Boost
  • Hydraulics