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Sergei attempting to murder Niko Bellic at Roman's wedding.

Sergei is a member of the Faustin Family and appears in Grand Theft Auto IV. He was Mikhail Faustin's bodyguard, first appearing in No Love Lost, making a brief cameo. During the Deal ending during Roman's wedding, Sergei shoots and kills Roman, although he had been aiming to kill Niko Bellic, on orders from Dimitri Rascalov. Niko then shoots Sergei in the head, but then realizes Roman was killed in the struggle and shoots Sergei again six times and then kicks him three times before Little Jacob stops him.

Sergei is voiced by Jeff Norris.

Murders Commited by Sergei

  • Roman Bellic - Killed in Deal attempting to kill Niko instead.


Sergei bears extreme resmblance to the character Agent 47 from the Hitman series.Both the characters are bald,pale,are professional assassins and wear almost identical outfits.