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(New businesses confirmed through the new GTA V site)
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| [[Pump and Run Gymnasium]] || Services || Gym
| [[Pump and Run Gymnasium]] || Services || Gym
| [[Mount Zonah Medical Center]] || Services || Health Care
| [[Wan Ka Internet Café]] || Services || Internet Cafe
| [[Wan Ka Internet Café]] || Services || Internet Cafe

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This is a list of service businesses in Grand Theft Auto V confirmed by either promotional screenshots or trailers.

Business Name Category Subcategory
Richman Hotel Services Accommodation
V Motel Services Accommodation
Vespucci Rooms Services Accommodation
Von Crastenburg Hotel Services Accommodation
Bank of Liberty Services Bank
FLEECA Bank Services Bank
Lombank Services Bank
Maze Bank of Los Santos Services Bank
STD Contractors Services Building Contractor
Shark Services Credit Cards
Los Santos Customs Services Garage
Pump and Run Gymnasium Services Gym
Mount Zonah Medical Center Services Health Care
Wan Ka Internet Café Services Internet Cafe
Bugstars Services Pest Control
Dynasty 8 Services Real Estate
Wolfs International Realty Services Real Estate
Jetsam Services Shipping
Postal Services Shipping
BAWSAQ Services Stock Market
HOBO Services Waste Management