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Shamal at an airport in San Andreas

The Shamal is an aircraft based on the Learjet 35 (albiet minus the tip tanks) airplane that is very easy to control. The Shamal first appeared in GTA III and then GTA: Vice City, however, the player could not fly the plane. The first time the player could fly the Shamal was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The planes interior can be seen during the mission Freefall and, despite its interior size, can only transport Carl Johnson. The interior also has seven windows, yet seen from the outside only has four. The Shamal can be found at Los Santos International Airport, Easter Bay International Airport and Las Venturas Airport.

In GTA IV, now it is no longer a flyable aircraft, as mentioned by Rockstar Games. It is found at Francis International Airport, and the Shamal has a newer design in GTA IV.