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A Shamal in flight in GTA San Andreas.

The Shamal is a multi-role, jet powered business airplane in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The first time the player could fly the Shamal was in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The plane, despite its interior size, can only transport the player. The Shamal is a good choice for people who are just learning to fly jets, as its handling is balanced, and it's easy to land on runways. The plane draws its influence from the Learjet 60.

The most prominent appearance of the Shamal is during "Freefall", when the plane's interior can be seen. The size of the interior appears larger than usual for an aircraft with a relatively small fuselage, and the interior incongruously features 16 windows (9 on the left and 7 on the right) when the plane features only 8 outside.


Similar aircraft

A business jet prop in GTA III.

In other GTA games, business jets resembling the Shamal first appeared in Grand Theft Auto III and then Grand Theft Auto: Vice City; however, the player could not fly the plane. The plane has also been depicted in take-off and landing in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories; in GTA Liberty City Stories, the player can stand on the plane's wing while it's accelerating to fly away, but will most likely fall after a while, and in GTA Vice City Stories, the plane is seen entering and exiting Escobar International Airport from time to time. A glitch allows the player to enter the plane in GTA Vice City Stories, but it is not controllable.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, business jets still remain uncontrollable (nor can any other planes be flown) but such vehicles can still be found at Francis International Airport, featuring an updated design. One such plane is used by Kenny Petrovic during the Hangman's NOOSE multiplayer mission wherein up to four players must hold back NOOSE units and escort Petrovic from his jet at Francis International Airport to a safepoint.

In the Grand Theft Auto IV DLC Ballad of Gay Tony, Ray Bulgarin owns a similar looking jet called a Ghawar.


In GTA Advance, during the last mission, a cutscene shows, a plane similar to the Shamal.

See also

  • Ghawar, non-controllable equivalent in The Ballad of Gay Tony.