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Sharks in GTA: Vice City Stories
Games: GTA Vice City
Locations: Prawn Island, North Point Mall
Type: Street Gang
Enemies: Bikers, Cholos, Los Cabrones/Cubans. Patrol Invest Group, Diaz's Gang
Affiliations: Haitians
Colors: GTA VC: Denim Jackets,red or white shirts, Red Bandannas
GTA VCS: Brown or Gray Pants, Berets
Vehicles: Gang Rancher (in GTA: VCS)
Gang Burrito (in GTA VC)
Weapons: GTA VC: Pistol
GTA VCS: MAC-10, Uzi, AK-47, Scorpion (see notes), Chainsaw (see notes)
Businesses: Cocaine Trade
Sharks in GTA Vice City

The Sharks is a gang of thugs in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

GTA Vice City

In GTA Vice City, they hang out around the outside of the North Point Mall and in several dilapidated mansions in Prawn Island, but are hardly a threat to any of the other gangs in Vice City. It is suggested that they are involved in arms and drug running. They seem to be on bad terms with Mitch Baker's Vice City Bikers, and in one mission they even steal his prized motorcycle and store it in a motor garage in Downtown, Vice City. The leader of the gang (name unknown) betrays Ricardo Diaz and steals his shipment of drugs, provoking Diaz to order Tommy Vercetti to kill him and many other members in an aerial assault. They are listed as the "Streetwannabe's," with use of the apostrophe, in the stats menu, but the Shark logos on the back of their denim jackets, along with graffiti on buildings and their gang cars, shows that they are actually the Sharks. They are mostly seen wearing denim jackets, jeans and red bandanas.

GTA Vice City Stories

The Sharks in GTA: Vice City Stories are located in the east island of Vice City; they manage a number of rackets, which Victor Vance eventually takes over. The Sharks do not cease attacking Victor until all of their businesses have been taken. Often, they chase Victor in their Gang Ranchers and sometimes attempt to destroy his empire sites. They are seen wearing brightly colored shirts, light brown or grey pants and berets.


  • Of interesting note is that certain unrelated gangs in Vice City are also listed as Streetwannabes. This includes army soldiers and "gangs" that show up in certain missions, such as the Forellis in the final mission, the attackers in the All Hands On Deck mission, and the courier and bodyguards of a counterfeiting syndicate in the Hit The Courier mission.
  • The Scorpion is only used by members if the player attacks their business.