Shoreside Lift Bridge

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Shoreside Lift Bridge

The Shoreside Lift Bridge is a large four lane lift bridge connecting southeast Shoreside Vale with the west side of central Staunton Island. The bridge also features a bell, indicating to drivers that either the bridge is ready to use or not. During various missions in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, such as Panlantic Land Grab and Morgue Party Resurrection, the bridge does not lift. The exit on the Shoreside Vale side is a highway which leads to Pike Creek or Francis International Airport. The Staunton Island exit is a highway that will lead toward Belleville Park or Newport. Staunton Lift Bridge was mentioned once in a news announcement when Shorside Vale is unlocked in GTA III.


The movement of the bridge can cause several physics-related glitches.

  • If traffic is blocked on the bridge as the bridge moves up, cars will drive off the bridge but will be driving in the air.
  • Canceling the taxi side mission as the bridge moves up will have the passenger sink through the bridge.
  • One weird glitch in LCS is that if the player loads a profile with Shoreside Vale unlocked and then loads the other where it is not unlocked, the bridge will work and the player will have easy access to Shoreside Vale.
  • Another one in LCS features you getting to shoreside vale (Either by glitch or boat cheat) and starting the tourist side-mission at Francis International will have the bridge working.


The Shoreside Lift Bridge is most likely based off the George Washington Bridge.