Shoreside Lift Bridge

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Shoreside Lift Bridge

The Shoreside Lift Bridge or the Staunton Lift Bridge is a large four lane lift bridge connecting southeast Shoreside Vale with the west side of central Staunton Island. The bridge also features a bell, indicating to drivers that either the bridge is ready to use or not. During various missions in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, such as Panlantic Land Grab and Morgue Party Resurrection, the bridge does not lift. The exit on the Shoreside Vale side is a highway which leads to Pike Creek or Francis International Airport. The Staunton Island exit is a highway that will lead toward Belleville Park or Newport. The name "Staunton Lift Bridge" was mentioned once in GTA III in a news announcement once Shoreside Vale is unlocked.


  • The movement of the bridge can cause several physics-related glitches.
    • If traffic is blocked on the bridge as the bridge moves up, cars will drive off the bridge but will be driving in the air.
    • Canceling the taxi side mission as the bridge moves up will have the passenger sink through the bridge.
  • In GTA Liberty City Stories, if the player loads a profile with Shoreside Vale unlocked and then loads another where it is not unlocked, the bridge will work and the player will have access to Shoreside Vale.
  • Also in GTA Liberty City Stories if you start the See the Sight Before Your Flight side mission before Love on the Rocks the bridge will work normally even though it shouldn't.


The Shoreside Lift Bridge is most likely based off the George Washington Bridge, due to the following:

  • Staunton Island is based on Manahattan.
  • Shoreside Vale is based on New Jersey.

So then the following happens:

  • The George Washington Bridge connects Manhattan with New Jersey
    The Shoreside Lift Bridge connects Staunton Island with Shoreside Vale.

Besides that share strong common as the size and the distance to the sites that bind.