Shoreside Terminal LCS

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Shoreside Terminal

Liberty City Subway station

Station information
Service Liberty City Subway
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Borough Shoreside Vale
Next north Staunton South
Next south Rockford

Shoreside Terminal is a subway station on the Liberty City Subway in Shoreside Vale, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III. It is located in a plaza next to Francis International Airport, just to the south of the Shoreside Lift Bridge.

A teleport glitch can be performed in the subway at Shoreside Terminal station. If the player exits the front-most door of the train, they will reappear on the roof of the tunnel in blue hell. The tunnel roof is only solid around the station area; the player will fall through the roof and onto the tracks if they attempt to walk along the tunnel. If the player falls into blue hell, they will reappear on the subway platform near the steps.

Another glitch happens if the player attempts to visit this station before unlocking Shoreside Vale. Pedestrians appear inside the subway and attempt to walk outside, but a gate stops their access to the outside world.