Silenced 9mm

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Using the Silenced 9mm in public won't cause people to run away like usual, ideal for stealth kills from a distance. It holds 17 rounds per clip.


Los Santos

  • Commerce - Top of steps leading to Conference Centre

From your house in Ganton, head east towards the main road that overlooks the ocean in East Beach. Head south from there towards Playa Del Seville, and follow the road as it curves west towards the Ocean Docks. Keep following the road as it curves around Los Santos International and as you exit the tunnel on the west side of Verdant Bluffs take the first right and on the corner after the first left turn is a conference centre. The silenced 9mm is just to the left at the top of the steps.

=Las Venturas

  • Blackfield - Under walkway leading to Las Venturas stadium

From the Four Dragons Casino on The Strip, head south to the Julius Thruway South. Follow the Thruway west and round to the west side of Las Venturas. Once you start heading north again, look along the left side of the road for the bike school. Opposite the bike school is Blackfield Stadium. The silenced 9mm is underneath the walkway leading to the north entrance of the stadium.