Simeon Yetarian

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Simeon Yetarian
Appearances GTA V
GTA Online
Full Name Simeon Yetarian


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality Armenian
Home Los Santos
Main Affiliations Franklin Clinton (employee)
Lamar Davis (employee)
Businesses Premium Deluxe Motorsport
Loan sharking
Voiced by Demosthenes Chrysan

{{Infobox character |name=Simeon Yetarian |image=SimeonYetarian-GTAV-gameplaytrailer.jpg |game_1=GTA V |game_2=GTA O |status=Alive |gender=Male |nationality=Armenian |home=[[Los Santos in GTA V|Los Santos]] |affiliations=[[Franklin Clinton]] (employee)
[[Lamar Davis]] (employee) |businesses=[[Premium Deluxe Motorsport]]
Loan sharking |voice=Demosthenes Chrysan }} Character Name is a character in ... who ...

Character Name is a character in ... who ...