Slaying With Fire

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Slaying with Fire is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, given to Huang Lee by Triad underboss Chan Jaoming.


Chan Jaoming arrives on the roof of the building. Huang Lee arrives on the roof and Chan tells Huang that his father got one of his entourage killed. Huang tells him that he was a rat, selling the Triads out to the FIB. Chan realises its true, and arranges for all his entourage to meet him on Happiness Island. Huang worries about how much Chan has drunk, seeing all the bottles in the back. But Chan says he's filled them all with gas for Huang to throw. The two then proceed to blow up a tanker and kill all of his entourage, blowing up boats to stop them escaping. This is followed by a fireball over the Statue of Happiness, blowing up a [[helicopter] and four people with rocket launchers.


As soon as you have control of Huang, start throwing Molotovs constantly in every direction. Watch out for the guys with rocket launchers, near the statue. Also, if you dont blow up all the boats, you will have to kill them later, so make sure you do.


  • This is the only storyline mission that takes place on Happiness Island
  • This is the only time in the whole game you get to fly in a helicopter (not fly one!)


  • Realistically, in GTA Chinatown Wars Liberty City, there is no way to get a tanker onto Happiness Island, and even if there was a way to get it onto the island, it would be physically impossible to park it where it was. There is also no reason why a tanker should be on the island, as there is no gas station, and also more importantly, no cars