Smackdown (GTA IV)

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Smackdown is the first mission that Niko does for Derrick McReary in Grand Theft Auto IV. Derrick is one of the McReary brothers. In this mission Derrick asks Niko to kill one of his War mates, Bucky Sligo.


When Niko meets Derrick at the park in Acter, Alderney, he's all drugged up on alchohol. It takes a while for him to explain that he's got a problem. One of his War buddies, Bucky Sligo who was busted into prison by Derrick is now blackmailing him, threatning to kill his family. Derrick decides to end this, so he asks Niko to kill him.


In order to find Bucky's whereabouts the player will need to get a police computer, which means to grab a police car. This should be easy, there are two Police cars parked near the location. Steal one, access the police computer by pressing L1 (PS3) and type in Bucky Sligo. It will tell the player that he hangs out at the Burger Shot in Westdyke. Drive to the restaurant. When Niko turns on the sirens Bucky is frightened. He escapes in his Contender back to his hideout. It's one of those Ronin-style chases again! He's going to smash through fences and dodge through traffic. He must be real dumb, as his hideout is only a couple of blocks away! Don't worry in chasing after him, as his driving sucks! When he reaches his hideout in Owl Creek Avenue, he'll start shooting. Get a shotgun or machine rifle, and take out his crew. The player will probably get a two-star wanted level after this, so dash to the nearest vehicle and escape from the cops.

Alternate Walkthrough

An easier way to complete the mission is to follow it normally until Bucky arrives at the house and his gang starts shooting at you. Get out and crouch behind the car. Call 911 over and over again and eventually there will be about a dozen cops there, all of them focusing fire on the gang members, provided that the gang members were still shooting at you. The police will hear the gunshots and attack the gangsters, so make sure you don't fire a weapon or gain a wanted level. Eventually, with luck, the police will enter the house and take out the rest of the gang members. After all the gang members are dead, you will still recieve a two star wanted level, so make sure you have a good getaway plan.