Solarin Industries

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Solarin Industries in San Fierro's Doherty district

Solarin Industries is a large industrial complex located just east of the freeway in the Doherty district of San Fierro, San Andreas. Its large reddish-brown brick buildings are easily spotted alongside the freeway, and its two smoke stacks are visible from almost everywhere in the city.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

After discovering the truth behind the Loco Syndicate and locating its leaders in San Fierro, Carl Johnson sets out to take down the syndicate once and for all. After gaining the trust of Jizzy B. and T-Bone Mendez, Carl meets the man pulling all the strings, Mike Toreno, after rescuing him from an ambush at Easter Bay International Airport. Carl begins performing tasks for the syndicate's leaders while in San Fierro in a ploy to destroy the organization from within. One of the missions Carl is asked to perform is to protect a van making a delivery to the syndicate's drug factory in Doherty. In order to do so, Carl first meets up with Toreno and Mendez at the Xoomer gas station in Easter Basin before continuing to Solarin Industries, where the van and some helpful weapons are waiting for Carl. From here, Carl must destroy roadblocks situated at certain points along the van's route in order to provide it safe passage to the factory.


  • Armor
    • At the very north end of the main building, just at the bottom of the grassy hill next to the freeway.