South Bohan Safehouse

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File:South Bohan safehouse (GTA4) (exterior).jpg
The exterior of the South Bohan Safehouse.

The South Bohan safehouse, situated at the southern end of Joliet Avenue, is Niko Bellic's second safehouse in Grand Theft Auto IV. It was originally Mallorie's, Roman's girlfriend's house, but she gave it to Niko and Roman after the Broker Safehouse and Roman's depot burnt down during the mission Roman's Sorrow. It is almost similar to the Broker safehouse, but is larger, and has a Honkers strip club poster and various items lying all over the place. It also has a futon (sofa-bed) for saving the game. Various furniture includes a table with fold-out chairs, an armchair near a TV, and a wardrobe to store Niko's clothes.

This is the only safehouse that's available until new safehouses are earned in Algonquin after the missions The Holland Play (can be stolen by Niko depending on a decision made by the player) and Hostile Negotiation (bought by Roman).

Outside the safehouse there is usually a preacher standing across the street.


  • A Madd Dogg CD along with a OG Loc CD can be found on the floor near the bed.
  • A Burger Shot meal can be found on the dining table and it is there for the entire story.
  • There is a ThriftEX DVD Player and coffee machine inside the house.