South Parkway

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South Parkway facing north going to Red County/Las Venturas.
South Parkway facing south going to Los Santos.

The South Parkway is a highway that is featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The parkway itself runs through Red County and and runs from the Los Santos International Airport to the Montgomery Intersection, both in Los Santos.

This is the main highway of Red County as it runs through the LSX, and through the heart of Downtown Los Santos making it the busiest section of the highway. The Mulholland Intersection is also located in this area. After that, the highway runs throught the country up until The Mako Span.

The cars and speed limits vary on the highway. In the Los Santos, the speeds vary going from a fast pace at the LSX and through Downtown Los Santos to slow speeds at the pretzel shaped intersection connecting to another highway running trough the Ganton district of Los Santos. The cars are urban and you can find a variation of them. In Red County, The speeds are the fastest and the vehicles consist of trucks, motorcycles, and various country vehicles.


  • The name may be a reference to the show South Park.