Spanish Lords

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Members of the Spanish Lords
Spanish Lords
Games: [[Grand Theft Auto IV
Chinatown Wars|Grand Theft Auto IV
Chinatown Wars]][[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto IV
Chinatown Wars| ]]
Type: Hispanic street gang
Affiliations: Angels of Death
Vehicles: red and gold Cavalcades with aftermarket sound systems; and red and gold Primos with spoilers.
Weapons: Knife, Pistol, Uzi
Fronts: The Triangle Club prior to Niko assassinating the Spanish Lord OGs that were running it on orders from Dwayne Forge.
Members: Trunchez Brothers; Manny Escuela and Lyle Rivas are both said to be former members.

The Spanish Lords are a primarily Puerto Rican gang based on the Latin Kings, a Latin gang based in New York and Chicago. They appear in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. They are one of the largest criminal organizations operating in GTA IV, having turf in South Bohan, Cerveza Heights, East Holland and Alderney City; they maintain a strong street presence within these territories. Some notable former members of the gang include Manny Escuela and Lyle Rivas. Like the Latin Kings, they wear yellow and black; in addition to their gang colors, their clothing also usually features the Puerto Rican, Dominican, or Colombian flags. Some are seen wearing t-shirts with "Boricua" printed on them. Most often, the Spanish Lords are seen driving in Cavalcades and Primos painted metallic red with gold rims and trim.

Members often have "Pitchfork" or “Crown” tattoos on their neck/head, which along with the black and yellow beads, are symbols of The People & Folk Nations, specifically the People Nation.

There are three main models used for Spanish Lords members — a short, fat, bald man with a black top and gold chains (looking somewhat like Manny Escuela); a taller, heavyset dark-haired man, usually with a moustache, in a puffy coat and Puerto Rican colors; and a younger, slim man with a yellow or white t-shirt, a yellow, red or blue cap, and a baseball jacket.

In GTA Chinatown Wars, protagonist Huang Lee must defend a store from some Spanish Lords in the mission Store Wars. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, they engage Luis, Armando, and Henrique in drug wars, and may be rivals to the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers.