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The following is a walkthrough of the Spilling The Beans mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


When the cinematic cutscene ends, a short cutscene introduces the player the trip skip feature of the Taxi. The player can either enter the Taxi to skip the trip to Malibu Club or drive there him/herself.

Acquire the Information

After meeting with Kent Paul, head over to Viceport. When reaching there, the goal is to get to the boss who has the information Tommy needs. Hoards of gunmen guards the freighter. It is optional to kill them but can make the mission easier if the player do kill them. Enemies will constantly spawn in the doorway on the first level of the freighter so it's best not the hang around. Head to the rear of the ship where there is a staircase leading to the top level where the boss is. There will be a pink cylinder to walk into. An audio-only cutscene follows after Tommy walks into the doorway.

Back to the Print Works

After acquiring the information, Tommy attains a three-star wanted level. Guards will still constantly spawn so either walk down the stairs and fight the enemies to leave the freighter or simply jump off the side of the freighter. Head back to the Print Works to complete the mission.

Video walkthroughs

PS2 Version PC Version
<youtube>ckbEyw8dlVE</youtube> <youtube>AMxKy_ANw5c</youtube>
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