Staunton View Picnic Area

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Aerial view of Staunton View Picnic Area.

The Staunton View Picnic Area or simply Staunton View is an area located in the suburb of Wichita Gardens at Shoreside Vale, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (in Grand Theft Auto Advance is not listed because it is smaller Shoreside Vale).


Staunton View Picnic Area is located on the east side of Wichita Gardens coast south of Cedar Grove. Staunton View is one of the few quiet places that are in Liberty City, as it is the valley that are the families of the city will have a good time together, having a picnic and enjoy the scenery it shows. But the tranquility is suspect because thieves and robbers in the city choose this place for their misdeeds (although her appearances always desert), however, today Staunton View remains the preferred place for tourists.

To reach Staunton View, you just have to get to Wichita Gardens and go through the entry of land that is on the right of the departments, or even an easier way which is tossing from the road that is in Cedar Grove, but not always secure and that takes away a lot of Health or Body Armor by the case.


  • In Grand Theft Auto III D-Ice on one of his missions, sends Claude to kill a bunch of Purple Nines.
  • In the mission Gripped! of GTA III, where we use a Patriot to go through some obstacles.